Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chicken update

Well, a lot has happened since Chickenstock.  The little polish, Phoenix, that was attacked is almost full grown.  His topknot has grown back, but only on one side due to scarring and it hags over his right eye.  I tried trimming the feathers back, but it still hangs because the skin on his head is so loose.  Poor little guy, it drives him crazy and he is always tossing his head around to see out of that eye.  I am afraid he may end up going blind in that eye id he cannot use it, but don't know what else to do.
The second little polish got Coccidiossis an died.  I was heartbroken.
Clem is a full fledge rooster now is so beautiful.  His comb and wattles are in and his blue ears are now tinged with red.  He is the most vocal chicken, crows a lot and when he is not crowing, he is cackling constantly.  I thing the only time he is quiet is when he is asleep.
Ebony is still very shy and doesn't do much but sit on the roost.  We are in the process of building a separate coop for the Bantams as I am afraid to put them in with the bigger chickens.  So hopefully he/she will be more active once outside.  Still not sure if Ebony is a boy or girl.  Actually, the only one I know for sure is Clem.
Singer and BG, the two silkies have gotten so big.  Also shy.  But Silkies sing the prettiest tilling songs.  I could sit and listen to it for hours.
]Three days ago, we got our first egg.  I came home and Zoomer said there was a surprise on the table for me.  There was a tiny, perfect, brown egg.  We now have five.  I think there are two hens laying now.  Three of the eggs are brown and roundish and two of them are a very pale tan and longish.  They are so tiny and cute.  We haven't eaten any yet.  The hens are laying them in the early afternoon.
My new Buff Orpington Rooster is so beautiful and just glows gold in the sunshine.  He watches over his flock and keeps them together.  If a hen strays, he chases it back to the flock and does a little dance around it.  One time some crows got really raucous, and he chased the girls under the shelter.  A minute later, a hawk flew over with the crows chasing it.
I love being outside and watching the chickens.  If I sit on the porch, Sweetie Pie will come and sit in my lap, sometimes.  They love it when I bring treats out to them.
Here are some recent pictures.
 Phoenix, Singer, BG
 My first egg