Monday, February 21, 2011

New babies

It has been a while since I posted.  Sorry, with work and recent physical problems, I was way behind on everything.  All the chickens are doing well.  In fact, Sunday, we went to get some new chicks.  Our local Rural KIng had pullet chicks in and I saw some Auracanas I fell in love with.  And they lay colored egs.  Anything from light blue to dark blue, green, and a pinkish beige.  I picked out five and each one is a different color.  Auracanas come in different colors and patterns.  It may turn out these are Ameraucanas, but the sign said Auracanas, which have not tails and tufted ears.  Then below it it had an explanation of Ameraucanas, which have tails and beards and cheek muffs.  So will have to wait to  see which ones I actually have.

A few days ago, I found a really strange egg below the roost.  It had no shell, felt like a water balloon, and had a tail.  Here are some pics of it.

Here are my new babies.  I took these yesterday.  They are about four days old in these pics.  So tiny and precious, I just want to hold them all day.  This first one is Sookie.  She is such a pale yellow that she is almost white.
 This is Louise.  I think she looks like a little owl.  I love the stripes on her wings.
 This is Sarah.  She has more brown on her and does not have the striped wings.
 Here is Misty.  She is a pale yellow with a peach color on her face and cheeks and her back and the back of her head is grey.  Really very pretty.
 And finally, here is Roxie.  She is bit more grey, striped wings, and almost black on the back and back of  her head.
Aren't they just the sweetest?  It is going to be fun, as they grow, to see what colors and patterns they take on. I will take pictures as they develop and post here.

Zoomer and I may have found some land.  We have looked at a place that is a little over 7 acres.  Most of the property is on the top of a hill, all wooded, and at the base of the hill is open area with a creek running through it where we could have gardens and animals like goats and alpacas.  We may be making an offer on it.  Keep your fingers crossed that they accept it.


  1. I've learned that sometimes new layers will lay eggs that have the embryonic sac but no shell. That's the kind of egg you have in the first pictures. Viable? No clue but without the shell, even if it was, it might get squished. ~ Amy from Diana's List :)

  2. Thanks Amy. I figured that is what it was. After I took the pictures, I threw it out into the woods.