Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two weeks old

The chicks will be two weeks old tomorrow.  Already there have been changes in their appearances.  They are definitely Ameraucanas as they have tails and a couple are already showing the cheek muffs.   Their colors have changed slightly and the patterns are becoming more defined.  I haven't had a lot of time to hold them and tame them, but have sat at the computer with one sleeping on my chest at times.
Here are some pictures I took today.
Sookie is starting to show a little pale color in her wings.
 Louise has some nice patterning in her wing and tail feathers.  She is showing more grey and less brown.
 Sarah still has quite a bit of brown and her wings are not as patterned.
 Misty's wings are getting whiter with some darker areas.  She is turning a soft grey all over with the light tan spots on her head and neck.
 Roxie is also showing more pattern in  her wings and tail and more grey all over.  Her black areas on her back and the back of her head are not as large.
I really do need to work with them.  The re terrified every time I approach the tub.

I have decided to re-home BG, my blue splash Silkie rooster, and Ebony my Black Silkie/Polish mix hen.  I have to many rooters and BG is my least favorite.  Ebony is picking on Phoenix, who I just found out was a hen as she started laying a couple weeks ago, and she is picking on my slow Silkie Rooster, Singer.

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