Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More new chicks and 4 week update

I just got eight Silkie chicks yesterday and they are so very tiny and sweet.  I could not decide what color I wanted, so I got two each of Buff, White, Black and Blue.  I am hoping I get a few hens out of the deal.  Any roosters will be re-homed or become dinner if unable to find homes for them.  I have found a home for my Blue splash Silkie roo and my black Silkie/polish mix hen.  I am going to put my Cochin/Silkie hen with the bigger chickens at the same time I introduce the Ameracana hens to the flock.  So that will leave my white Silkie roster, my polish hen, and any new Silkie hens I get with this new bunch of chicks.
My Ameracana chicks are now 4 weeks old.  They are growing like weeds  and I can see changes in them daily.  Following are their four week pics, and some picks of the new Silkie chicks.
 Sookie at 4 weeks.  Looks like she is going to be all white.
 Loise at 4 weeks.  She is telling me how unhappy she is being picked up.
 Sarah at four weeks  I think she looks like a little hawk with her coloring.
 Misty at 4 weeks.  She still has grey on her head, but the body is white with light rust highlights.
 Roxie at four weeks.  Still mostly grey, but getting some brown in her wings.
 White silkie chicks.  I am figuring the silkie chicks are around three or four days old.
 Black Sikie chicks.
 Buff Silkie chicks.
 Blue Silkie chicks.
Here is a pic of one of the Silkie chicks in my hand to give you an idea of their size.  So very tiny.  Sorry the picture is blurry.  My camera is starting to mess up.

Zoomer and I have looked at several promising pieces of land in Crawford county.  We are looking there, because they do not have building restrictions.  Before we decide on which one to make an offer on, we are going to also check on properties that are available for back taxes owed.
One we looked at a few days ago is only 3 acres and I really want more then that, but this one has an old house on it that, with some work, would be livable until we build our house, then could be used for an art studio or a garage for Zoomer to work on his bikes.  Two points against it though, it is right on the state highway, and is only three acres.  So, still looking.

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